Just Released: 6 Brand New KoKo Lashes Styles

KoKo Lashes just released 6 brand new styles and we're happy to share that we have all 6 in stock! Joining the already impressive collection is KoKo Lashes Kate, KoKo Lashes Kiera, KoKo Lashes Sin City, KoKo Lashes J'Adore, KoKo Lashes Tease and KoKo Lashes Sweetie. These new styles continue KoKo Lashes impressive line of affordable, reusable and cruelty free false eyelashes.  Loved by many people all over, these lashes offer extraordinary value. Check them out today!

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Lash Accessories

Some of you have asked us why we do not carry accessories.  We carry glue but our selection hasn't been extensive.  We're expanding our offering with 3 new accessories in our store.  If you browse over to the lash accessories section, you'll now see that we offer a 4-piece lash kit, a 100-piece micro brush set and a 100-piece eyelash brush set. These new accessories will hopefully provide a useful selection of tools to help you apply the perfect falsie  Our lash kit is already getting very popular, featuring a silver and black colorway with an applicator, pointed and slanted tweezers,...

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4 New KoKo Lashes Styles

We've got new KoKo Lashes in stock. Joining our best sellers are Monroe, Jolie, Angelic, and Jet Setter. These are brand new styles from KoKo Lashes.  It'll be no surprise to anyone that these are gorgeous, comfortable and extremely high quality.  KoKo Lashes continue to be a hit as seen by the many, many positive remarks in social media. We're thrilled to carry these styles along with all the other styles, fast shipping and great prices

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