Glamwinks Macaron Compact Round Folding Mirror

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Works as good as it looks.  It's a mini compact mirror designed to look like a blue macaron.  And who doesn't like a good macaron?  So sweet and delicious.  Oh wait, yes, compact mirror.  This compact mirror is small and easy to carry around.  It does what a solid mirror would do when you look at it.  But this one looks delicious so others will look at it too.  Just don't eat it.  It's made out of glass.


  • Contains 1 blue colored macaron lookalike compact mirror
  • One cannot have too many compact mirrors
  • Looks like a macaron
  • Many others will be jealous of your mirror

Come on.  A mirror that looks like a macaron, what's not to like?

Shipping note:  This item may take up to three weeks to ship.  We apologize for any inconvenience in advance.